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Whether it's faith-based or in the community we are dedicated to inspiring, empowering, informing and motivating individuals to live a productive and fulfilling life. 

In the faith-based community we teach how to use the tool of prayer as a strategy to build a closer relationship with God, uncover purpose and obtain clarity on your spiritual journey.

In the community we support other non-profit organizations that mirror our mission and host events that provide information and resources to help community members live a more productive life.

Motivate and Pray, Inc.

Pray First then do something!

Pray first, then do something!



Every year we have the privilege of hosting “Empower Me," a free  event to the community that provides workshops facilitated by experts, who volunteer their time to provide information and resources that help attendees live more productive lives. 


Workshops include: Expungement (Clearing Your Record), Home Buying, Interviewing Techniques, Power of Communication, Financial Literacy, Credit Matters, Identity Theft, Wills and Estates, and Life Insurance.  This is a full-day event; breakfast, lunch and snacks are provided.




Every first Saturday of the month at 8 am EST we host an empowerment and prayer call.   The call is designed as a resource for encouragement, inspiration, motivation and prayer.  The purpose of the call is to build a community of support that encourages individuals to make prayer the first response in every area of their life – simply put “PRAY FIRST™”. 

Callers dial in from all over the country for morning inspiration and prayer.



In addition to the monthly calls, Motivate and Pray manages a private Facebook group (Prayfirst - Motivate and Pray) that serves as a meeting place in between support calls.  The groups serve as a safe space and provide its’ members with 1) daily encouragement 2) Facebook Live sessions and 3) a place to post prayer requests and caregiver challenges. 

We also support other non-profit organizations that mirror our mission and provide gifts to single mothers during holidays.

We also provide communities of support for caregivers and single mothers.


And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought to always pray and, and not to faint